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I am a Tipper.

  • I support content I like with the 2 clicks tip.
    See demo

  • I can tip up to 50 contents with only 5€!

  • I contribute to the richness of Internet through an innovative interface.

  • I collect MyTip points for each tip made.

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I am a Creator.

  • I create a box in a few seconds, my remuneration system is automatically set up.

  • If I am YouTuber, I create a box instantly with the YouTube importer.

  • I have advanced analytics tools to analyze and determine my most supported content.  See overview

  • I am not bound by any commitment and have a team at my disposal.

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All users have both the Tipper features and the Creator tools, it's the same type of account for everyone!

Free access to the entire platform

MyTip is completely free to use and applies a commission on the tips.

Four tip amounts are available: 0.10 €, 0.20 €, 0.50 € and 1 €. Learn more
It is also possible to tip the amount of its choice, between 1€ and 1000€.

Financially Accessible - Instant - Easy Diversification

MyTip is at your service.

MyTip wants to have your opinion and evolve according to your expectations.

You are Tipper or Creator, you need new tools on MyTip or are not satisfied with certain features. We would be very happy to receive your opinion here:

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